Friday, 22 February 2013

February favourites.


It's nearing the end of February - crazy I know - so I thought I'd do my 'February favourites', a list of my favourite beauty/fashion products this month. As this is my first favourites post, I've gone a little mad (including some of my favourites from previous months) and couldn't condense it anymore!.. I did try :) It is quite a long post - I am sorry about that - but you can always just skip to a certain item if you are intrigued :)


Miss Selfridge necklace: £10 - I wasn't sure about buying it at first, but it was 20% off so it went down to £8 and I thought why not.. and now I'm super happy I bought it, I just think of spring and summer when I look at it because of the pink and green :) But as it has black on it also, it makes it a lot easier to wear with lots of things - day or night.
Variety of my favourite rings to wear: I never used to wear rings, but now I love to wear a few rings at a time :) They are all rings from sets and they were on sale so they only worked out around 50p each! 

Cleansing etc:

Taaj micellaire water: £16 - I believe this is what I paid, it came with a 500ml bottle and 100ml bottle. I just use the small bottle and refill it from the big bottle, as the little bottle is much easier to handle and take places. I bought it from Amazon, as it isn't easy to purchase in the UK. By searching on google there will be websites to find it. It's great for removing makeup, especially mascara, and it leaves my face feeling fresh.
Origins united state toner: £17 - Yes, again this is quite pricey.. but it's worth it. I'd never go back to using clearasil or whatever, it just feels so good on my face. I use it after my cleanser and before my moisturiser. I bought it from house of fraser, at the special origins counter, they were great. They looked at my skins and chose the best products for me to buy - without pressuring me.. I also now have a free facial there every six weeks.. BONUS. This is currently my second bottle, and will definitely be re-purchasing.

Origins ginger souffle whipped body cream 200ml: £23 - As you can tell origins isn't a cheap brand, but it is worth it.. especially as a treat! Their products are all natural, nooo chemicals - so, great for the skin. I actually asked for a few products for christmas, so luckily my bank didn't take a hit ;) This product I didn't ask for, it actually came free as my total was over a certain amount (a special deal they were doing.. so look out for them, everyone loves free things!). I put it on after a shower or bath, especially after shaving, it leaves my skin so moisturised, but doesn't take long to dry - so quickly just changes my skin to amazing softness! It is a cream.. but not heavy (as it is a 'souffle whipped cream'). I wasn't sure about the smell at first, but I do actually like it, I may look at the other body creams once this is used up :) ..I'm a lover of origins products and highly recommend everyone to go and look!


Rimmel wake me up foundation: £7.99 - I'd heard good reviews about this foundation, as so I thought I'd give it a try.. turns out those reviews were correct! It is very reasonably priced, and can be found in most drug stores. It is light to medium coverage, it's easy to build if you like a heavier foundation. It's very smooth, and oddly, I really like the smell of it.. reminds me of summer :) My shade is ivory, as I have very light skin - hopefully the sun will come out soon and change that!
Topshop lipsticks - in shades 'whimsical' and 'nevada': £8 each - I have written about these in my previous post ( so I won't go on about these. They are moisturising, pigmented, look great with or without a gloss over the top, and I think over spring/summer I'll love these even more.. I'll definitely be buying more Topshop lipsticks in the near future!

Benefits 'That gal brightening face primer': £21.50 - This product is quite pricey, but I just think benefit products are so cute! It's to be used under or over makeup, it smoothes and brightens the skin. 

Benefits 'Fine-one-one sheer brightening colour for cheeks and lips': £23.50 - Again a pricey product, but it can be used for cheeks and lips - so really two products in one, not too bad for price (that's what I'm telling myself). I really love this - great for spring/summer. It's a cream-to-powder formula and so it's smooth, and not heavy on the face, easy to blend, and feels extremely moisturising on the lips. It comes with a pink champagne (acts as a highlighter), pink watermelon and soft coral. It's easy to use, but does come with an instruction booklet so I won't go on.. but I'll be doing a post on 'my everyday makeup' soon, where I will explain how to use it :)

Random items:

Orchid and coconut candle: £4.99 - This candle smells so good! I just couldn't resist. It's from Sainsburys and they had a huge range of candles, I could have bought loads - but I thought I would try this one first :)

Carmex SPF15 cherry moisurising lip balm: £2-3 - I bought this a while ago, but have only just recently started to regularly use it, I prefer to tube over the pot, but I like a choice ;) It smells amaazing, and my lips are now sooo smooth! It's not an over night miracle, I have used it regularly for a couple of weeks, but now I can't see myself without it. It's also good to put on a minute before lipsticks - I just find it makes them look nicer (little tip there :p).

OPI nail envy: £18 (but can probably be found cheaper online) - my nails were feeling weak, and so my friend recommended this, yes I probably overpaid, but it really strengthened my nails.. very quickly too! Leaves your nails nice and shiny too :)
Tangle teezer: £10..ish - I bought mine from boots, but are sold in other stores and some salons. I'd heard so many people rave about these, so I gave into pressure and just bought one.. and I'm happy I did! MY hair doesn't get very knotty but it's great for after the shower or bath when you have wet, messy hair. It easily brushes though the hair - without ripping half of your hair out! I have long hair, but I want it longer, so I thought this may take more care of it. I would highly recommend this product for hair that gets knotty easily.. plus it looks super cute and comes in a range of colours (although pink was the only option in the small shop where I live).

Firstly sorry for all the gaps, the pictures were not working with me! Secondly, sorry for the overly long post!! I promise the next one won't be this long, but as I've been ill and haven't blogged in a while I thought why not, it is easy to blab on here with no one to stop you! Anyway, feel free to leave questions about any of the products, or tell us about any of your February favourites :)



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