Friday, 15 February 2013

I should not be allowed into Topshop with money.


So.. today I may have accidently walked into Topshop - not good for my bank account. I actually managed not to buy too many things, just a hat (which was on sale), such a cute moustache necklace, and two of their lipsticks.

I've bought Topshop nail varnishes before and love them, but never have I bought the lipsticks. I've heard amazing reviews though - so I thought.. why not! They cost £8 each (then 10% off for student discount - WIN), which isn't actually too bad as I've paid over £20 for a Chanel lipstick a few times, plus they are VERY pigmented, and moisturising.. 'matte finish moisturising lipstick' to be precise :) I decided to go for two nudes as I really am counting the days for spring/summer.

I thought the 'whimsical' lipstick just screamed summer; it's just so cute, even the name.. it is slightly different than the picture, it's a slightly stronger pinky nude than the picture shows, and 'nevada' is a pale nude. I'm planning to either where them just on their own, but also with a clear lip gloss on for a slight change.. especially in the evenings.

Topshop lipstick - Whimsical £8

Topshop lipstick - Nevada £8

So this is a slightly different blog post, a bit more specific. I think I'll try and write slightly more about beauty products, or just more reviews (not always on beauty products). Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading!