Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mainstream.. so what. I love my new vans!


Yes.. I finally gave in to temptation and bought some vans. I was trying to avoid them for as long as I could as they are pretty expensive for a trainer. I was going to buy some more Toms.. which are the comfiest shoes EVERR,. Seriously if you don't own a pair, buy some! You must have at least one pair in your wardrobe, and when you buy a pair they give a pair to an african child who needs shoes or something, which is pretty cute, but I already have two pairs and I saw a colour in the vans that I just fell in love with. I didn't think they would be very comfy, but they feel so spongy! The only thing is they are a bit small :| I'm normally size 5 (UK size) pretty much everywhere, however they were huge. So I just bought a size 4 :) Yes my toes may get a little crushed.. but at least they'll look good. PAIN IS FASHION. 

These are the beauts..

Everyone says they are 'too mainstream' and everyone seems to moan about that, but I don't understand why these people do not understand that they are popular because THEY ARE NICE. Recently everybody wants to be 'hipster', which means hating everything mainstream.. yet being hipster is now one of the most mainstream things.. ironic hmm? Yes, I think so..

I don't mind hipsters at all, I just think it's stupid to suddenly dislike something because other people like it. Everybody can't be individual, it just wouldn't work. 

This was a kind of different post, sorry if it was a little rant.. but I think that's why blogs are good. You can share your opinion, and hopefully some people will enjoy reading it :)


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