Monday, 24 September 2012

I swear alcohol is the devil..


It's been a while, this weekend I went out.. the place I went is terrible so yes we did have some drinks to try and make it better. It did make it ok, but it was soooo cold. I would have preffered to stay in and watch some films with my friends.

Anyway.. the next morning. I thought I felt ok, and had gotten away with a hangover. BUT - as time went on, I knew this was not the case. I had some breakfast (I had a craving for meat.. so I knew bacon was for me), this did not make me feel any better. So I got into my loungy clothes, grabbed my duvet and watched tv. It's now monday, I drank Saturday, I'm in college.. I swear I'm still hungover. This isn't fun.

WHYYY does alcohol trick you by letting you think you're having fun, then BOOM next morning urrrrgh. I also woke up with a massive bruise and swollen foot, how this happened I can not remember. Although I think the bruise may have been from some bumper cars, the foot though is unexplainable.

Anyway.. I can't write anymore, this has taken so much energy already. If you've got any funny drunken stories, or have had any painful memories of alcohol then comment below :)


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