Tuesday, 11 December 2012



Yes, it has been a very long time since I last posted, but I thought I'd try and get back into it since I was rather fond of it :) ..and what better time than CHRISTMAS. I you haven't already guessed, I love Christmas. It's just so cute, the pretty decorations, presents, films, and the time that it is acceptable to eat loads of yummy food.

Surprisingly I have not yet opened my advent calendar.. strange I know. But it just doesn't feel like it should be Christmas - 2012 has gone ridiculously fast. I'm trying to get into the spirit though, as I do love it. In my room I have some cute bunting on my curtains with little Christmas hats, a little Christmas tree and sparkly reindeers! :O

Topman jumper, £38
Some of my favourite things this Christmas so far are baking cute treats like my Christmas cupcakes, sparkly Christmas nails, and CHRISTMAS JUMPERS. I have to admit I went out and bought one, and as soon as it was the 1st of December BAM it was on.
This is me rocking my Christmas jumper.. and yes it is from Topman. I just found that the guys jumpers were nicer.. so I bought it. yolo.

From the beauty side as I said, I'm loving sparkly nails. At the moment, I'm thinking having them all sparkly may be a little early, so I'm tending to paint them all a colour then having the 4th finger sparkly. So far I've had red nails, with sparkly red, and right now I'm wearing nude nails, with 'disco' coloured sparkles. Barry m are great for nail varnishes, that's where the red sparkly nail varnish is from, and I got my disco sparkles from rimmel london (it's called disco ball) - with this one you definitely need a something underneath as it is not an all over sparkle. I'm wearing it with another rimmel london nail varnish in the colour caramel cupcake - which is nude, and the name is so cute. They are each only around £2.99 and definitely worth it!

Anyway, this blog post has been a bit all over the shop but I'm just getting back into it. Hope you enjoyed reading :) and i'll be back soon!


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