Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Resolutions anyone?


IT'S 2013!!!!!! :) we survived they end of the world.. YAY US. So, to congratulate for new years and living I went out with the girlies. We did go to a tragic club - the kind where there are always some weird old men bobbing around - (only because all my friends are still 17 and they can get in there) but it was soooo busy, and actually quite fun. This was the first time I've actually done something for new years, I do find it is very anti-climatic, so next year I'm going to try my best to go to London next year. This is easily possible, it's only 2 and a half hours away on train, and by then a couple of my friends will be at uni there - so free accommodation.. WIN. This should hopefully make the end of 2013 amazing! This links with my new years resolution..
Lucy, me and Lucy.. and the start of the night, I won't share the later photos - try to have some dignity! ;)

I have to be honest, my life isn't the most exciting, I wish it was more.. and so my new years resolution for 2013 is to be a be more carefree and cray cray. I've already bought some tickets for concerts, and have lots of things planned; so it should be good - fingers crossed!

2013 is going to have big changes for me, for a start I finish college in July, then summer holidays, then.. who knows! I'm still deciding from getting a job, or travelling, or maybe combine them both and work abroad? Either way it's a big choice that will impact my life - ahhhhh, scary!! But it is only the 2nd of January, so I'm trying to be calm about it.. ish.

Anyways, if anyone reading this has any good new years resolutions then feel free to share! :)


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