Monday, 18 March 2013

It's haul time!


My recent beauty items.. don't worry I won't be speaking about all of them!

I've been blogging for about 6 months now (woooah, how time flies when you're having fun!), and I do like to shop.. a lot. So I've decided it's time for a haul! :) I haven't bought all these items in once, so my bank card didn't take a huge hit at once.This post will just be of beauty items.. as there is quite a few! And a fashion post will follow shortly :) They are either items I've only recently started to use, or brand new products - HOW EXCITING! Right, let's begin..

As you can see from the picture, I have definitely been liking nail varnishes. As it is March I decided I needed ('wanted') some spring/summer colours.

Barry M nail varnishes 2 for £6
I bought two gelly nails from Barry M - I previously bought some of much darker shades, and really liked the nail varnish, so I was sooo happy when I saw these two, they were two for £6 - WIN. I bought the shades papaya and lychee, definite recommendation for the spring/summer season, and lychee is just a great nude that you can wear all year round.

Peaches and Cream nail varnish £5 
(£4.50 with student discount)
Not only do I love Topshop clothes.. I love their nail varnishes. They have such a range of colours, and recently I've really been liking orange. So when I saw this nail varnish, and heard the name 'peaches and cream' - how cute! However, they are £5 each.. only down side, as I think they are a little over priced, but I still couldn't resist! I'm actually wearing it as I write this post :)

'Fiji' Essie nail varnish £7.99
The final nail varnish I bought was 'fiji' by essie. I'm not even going to lie.. this was purely from all the amazing recommendations and reviews from bloggers and youtubers, such as Zoella, and  Sprinkle of Glitter. I can't wait to try this to see if all the fuss is worth it (I hope it is!), and I'm pretty sure I will do a review of it to give my opinion :)
'Sleek' i-divine au naturel palette £7.99
So, that's the nail varnishes done with.. now for 'Sleek' makeup. I bought an eye shadow palette and a lipstick, these are the first 'Sleek' items I have bought.. and I am pleasantly surprised. I was looking for a neutral eye shadow  just to put something on my eyes, but nothing too much.. and the 'au natural' eye shadow palette was perfect. There is are a range of colours that are a mixture of shimmers and mattes. The palette comes with 12 colours, and an eye shadow applicator (but I just use my own brush) - all for £7.99! I highly recommend this, and if you didn't want a neutral palette, there was a big range to choose from. 

Sleek True Colour Lipstick 'Mulberry' £4.99
The other Sleek item I bought was the lipstick in the shade 'mulberry'. Now this.. is not a summer shade. It is a deep purple, I NEVER thought I would ever wear something like this, but my friend wore a similar shade, but from the revlon range and it looked really nice. I definitely don't slap this on like normal lipstick, I put a tiny bit on, then rub that into my lips so it just tints my lips purple.. sounds weird - but don't knock it until you've tried it! This again was reasonably priced at £4.99. I'll definitely be purchasing more products from Sleek in the future.. I'm sure the near future!

'Ohh la la' Lipstick £8
(£7.20 with student discount)
Another item from topshop that has very recently been purchased.. is another lipstick. I honestly never used to wear them, now I can't get enough! It's the shade 'Ohh la la' - again loved the name. It is a coral blush (as I said, I've been loving the summer shades), and is smooth, matte with amazing pigmentation.

The other two lip items I bought are the 'Rimmel london apocalipse lip lacquer'.. that was hard to type. It has the 'rich colour of lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine'. I have not actually used this item yet, so I can't say if it is good, but I was tempted to buy it before but didn't.. but today I saw it for £5.99 so I thought 'why not'. I bought the shade 'luna', a sort of coral nude (if that even exists). The next item I bought was also from Rimmel London, it is the '1000 kisses lip tint', I bought the shade orange. I've previously bought two other shades, and I tend to use this before lipstick.. sort of acting as a lip liner - plus it was only £4.49, so I didn't think that was too bad!
Apocalips Lip Lacquer 'Luna'

I also bought the Garnier body lotion, this smells really good, is quick at absorbing and was cheap.. definite winner for me if you want a daily moisturiser that doesn't cost a bomb! I think it was about £4, and should be easy to find in most drug stores (I bought mine in boots).

1000 Kisses Lip Tint
My next recent purchase was actually a re-purchased item (my third to be precise). It was the origins united state toner, £17 a bottle from House of Fraser. I mentioned it in this post so I won't go on about this, go have a read of my other post to find out more! :)

Another product that I was convinced to buy from lots of praise over the blogging world was the 'Liz Earle cleanse and polish'. Although I still have some origins cleanser left, I decided to buy it as I was just so intrigued. I'll definitely be writing a post about it when I've just it more, so I won't blab too much now. I bought the starter pack for £14.75 in John Lewis, this came with a 100ml bottle, and two muslin cloths. 
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - £14.75
John Lewis

My final body item is a scrub, I've been wanting one of these for a while, as it's just as important to exfoliate your whole body - not just your face. A while ago I had 'flake away' by soap and glory, and was planning on buying that, but I decided to go for a change. I haven't used this yet, but I'm pretty excited. It is the soap and glory breakfast scrub, and it smells like maple syrup! If you don't like sweet smells then STAY AWAY, but fortunately I like them, and I think it smells AMAAAZING! It was £9.50, but it is a big pot, so it should last a while.
Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub, £9.50

Okay, nearly there.. just three more products. They are all from benefit, I have really gone through a phase of liking their products.. they are just so cute! I buy all mine from Debenhams as I work there, so I get 20% off (BONUS). I bought these about 3 weeks ago, and have been using them everyday :) Firstly, there is 'erase paste'. This is mainly for under eye concealer, but can be used on the face too. I have been using it everyday, and barely anything has gone, you only need the tiniest bit. So I think it will last a long time (wooooo). It was £19.50 (without discount), which is quite expensive, but in the long term will probably be just the same as buying lots of cheap products.. plus it's good, so definitely better off.

Benefit Erase Paste - £19.50
The next benefit product is the boi-ing concealer. This is a best selling 'industrial strength concealer'.. yes I said industrial strength. It is quite heavy, and so isn't really for use under the eyes - although I have dabbed a small amount on the dark circles occasionally and it's been fine. Surprisingly, I don't have it in the lightest shade, I have it in 02 (slightly darker, which made me feel not as pale for once.. simple to please). It is £16.50, and again have been using it more than once a day, and have barely dented the pot.
Benefit Boi-ing concealer - £16.50

Benefit They're Real Mascara £18.50
My final product *breathes sigh of relief* is the benefit 'They're real mascara'. This is the world's best selling mascara, and to please me with mascaras is hard work - have stupid eyelashes that just point down.. sad times :( (even eyelash curlers don't work great for me!). At first I wasn't a fan, the wand seemed a bit too plastic and hard for my liking, but with more use I do like it, I'm sure if you had normal eyelashes that curled up it would be amazing. I will definitely continue to use it, but I'm yet to decide whether to repurchase or to try another mascara. If anyone knows any amazing mascara for curling lashed then please let me know! 

Wow, well that post seemed to take a while.. if you actually managed to read it all then WELL DONE - but I did say I bought a lot ;) Feel free to comment and follow, thanks again for reading!



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  4. you have been on a hell of a shopping trip! haha
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    1. Hahaa, I know.. I really need to stop but I just can't resist!
      Thanks, it's so different than anything I've tried before, but I really like it - definite recommendation!