Sunday, 31 March 2013

March favourites.


Yes, it is already the end of March.. don't know about you guys but this year is going CRAAAAZY quickly! So yess, you know what that means.. my monthly favourites :)
As soon as March began, I felt like spring/summer was definitely close (even if the weather didn't agree with me!) so I've really been getting into the summery colours.. for some reason especially orange/coral.
Topshop lipstick 'Ohh la la' - £8

'Ohh la la' Lipstick - £8 (Topshop): As soon as I saw this lipstick I just fell in love with it, it's a 'coral blush'.. it's vibrant - but isn't too shocking so you can wear it in the day and night. I've said before I love Topshop lipsticks, so I was so happy to find this one. It's smooth, moisturising, and matte with amazing pigmentation - definite favourite of the month. 
'Atomic' Nails Inc Nail Varnish -FREE
'Atomic' Nails inc nail varnish - FREE!: I got this nail varnish in a magazine quite a while ago, but I've only just used it and I love it! I thought it might have gone off, but it was really smooth and dried very quickly, I'm sure I'll be buying more nails inc nail varnish in the future. Although I got mine free, there is an orange nails inc nail varnish to buy.. I think it'll look great in the summer, and brighten any outfit :) 

'Papaya' and 'lychee' Barry M gelly nail paint - £6 for two (Superdrug): In my February favourites video (February favourites) I mentioned about two other gelly nail paints, I liked them so much and I was so happy when I saw two of the new spring/summer shades. I've talked about them in my haul, so read HERE if you want to know more about them. 

'Papaya' and 'Lychee' Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Two for £6sleek eyeshadows
Original Source Vanilla Milk and Rasberry Shower Cream

'Original source vanilla milk and rasberry shower cream' - £2.30 (Boots): This smells AMAZING. There were so many choices, but this one stood out, it was on sale for £2.30 so thought why not! I did use it up quite quickly, but it was cheap - definitely need to repurchase!

Spiked Necklace - £8

Spiked necklace - £8 (Camden Market, London): I wrote about this is my previous post (HERE), I've really been loving statement necklaces lately, and just fell in love with this when I saw it.

Sleek 'au natural' eye shadow palette - £7.99 (Superdrug): This is definitely one of my favourites this month, such good value, and just so nice. I use my own brushes rather than the sponge applicator.. I don't actually know anyone who uses them! I again have mentioned this before in my haul video.
'Sleek' i-divine au natural palette - £7.99
Soap and Glory 'Breakfast Scrub' - £9.50

Soap and Glory 'Breakfast scrub' - £9.50 (Boots): I love this scrub, it smells like maple syrup.. so it's super sweet (which some people may not like), but the actual product is so good too. It really smooths my skin, and is great to use in the bath or shower and then use a body lotion after to really get the smoothest skin.

So that's it for the beauty items.. now a couple fashion pieces :)

Topshop Disco Pants

Disco pants - £30 (Topshop): Now, I didn't know whether I would like these or not, but there has been so much hype around them; I thought I'd give them a go. They hype is worth it. I bought black ones, and so they are easy to wear with so much, they are like glorified leggings really ;) I'm not sure I'd pay £80 from American Apparel, but for £30 YES. I liked the black ones so much, I decided to buy some navy blue ones too.. yes, I am a shopaholic.

Curve Hem Sweat - £18 (Topshop): This is just such a comfy loungy jumper, which I like to make look a bit fancier by wearing a statement necklace.

Topshop Curve Hem Sweat - £18
I've also loved this necklace this month - £12 (Oasis)

Orange Metal Edge Structured Clutch - £30 (Oasis) - As I said, I've been loving orange, so I couldn't resist when I saw this - especially because my favourite going out bag had just broken! I wasn't sure about paying £30, but I had 15% student discount.. so that persuaded me!
Orange Clutch - £30
Now, these aren't beauty products but I have to mention them because I have reeeeeally loved them this month. 

Bastille 'Bad Blood' CD - £9

Bastille 'Bad Blood' CD - £9 (Amazon): I loooove Bastille, their album is amazing, and since seeing them on the 27th of March I love them even more. I love them so much I've even written a post about them! (Bastille post) Seriously go check them out on youtube.. or just feel brave and buy the CD, you won't regret it!

Okay this is very random, but..

Confused Skittles
£1 (depending on the shop)

Confused Skittles - They are incredible! They are the new type of skittles (to the UK anyway) there are new flavours, and the colours don't match, and each colour can be a choice of flavours.. see why they're called confusing! ;) They were only £1 for a big pack in WHSmiths, so I couldn't resist.. I've shared them with friends, and have gotten many addicted.. sorry about that ;)

Bit of mix of items there, but they are the main things that I have been loving this month! I hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and comment any questions, or any of your march favourites :)



  1. I smelt the Vanilla and raspberry shower cream the other day and it was amazing! I really want the Soap and Glory scrub too. I am in love with the Bastille, it's not my sort of music but I really like them!

    Great post.


    1. Thank you :) I need to repurchase the shower cream.. smells soo good! I swear everything from soap and glory smells good, I did have a hard time choosing between the scrubs :) Bastille are even more amazing live!!

  2. Had to comment because I'm totally jealous that you saw Bastille live :( I recently discovered them and think they are amazing, glad to see someone else likes them too! Oh and you have a new follower hehe :) x

    1. If you ever get a chance GO! I think we only paid like £10-£14 for a ticket, but was definitely worth more - they were amazing! Ooooh thank you, I'll have a cheeky gander at your blog now :)

  3. that shower gel really looks fab! i have this 'thing' about shower gels and bubble baths products.
    Ive only ever tried the tea tree and mint i think it is, will keep an eye out for this one!

    1. You should definitely try it! It's so smooth, and especially as it isn't expensive :) win, win, win!