Sunday, 24 March 2013



Me and Lucy :)
So this weekend, if you didn't guess from the title.. I went to LONDON! Me and my fellow blogging friend Lucy ( caught the 11.06 train to London Waterloo on Friday. The train takes about 3 hours from where we live, but it went crazy quick.. probably because we were so excited! Anyway, when we arrived we got Lucy an oyster card (I really advise anyone going to London to buy one.. makes travelling so much easier!), we figured out how to get from waterloo to our hotel (two underground trains) I thought I was going to be really scared, but it was actually okay - pretty simple to do, and lots of people working to ask if you aren't sure. We were staying in Alhambra hotel, it was exactly what we needed close to where we were going, cheap, and came with breakfast included.

Right, the reason we actually went to London was to go to a gig to see Billy Lockett.. not many people have heard of him, but he is amazing ( SERIOUSLY go check him out! It was in St Pancras old church.. such a cute venue - lit with little candles :) The gig was amazing, so intimate, it definitely wouldn't have been the same if there were loads of people there. He was amazing.. I bought his new EP, got it signed and so we got to meet him afterwards :D - and tried to persuade him to come to Devon!

Billy Lockett's EP signed by him,
and the amazing guitarist/best friend Dan Blackwell
Me and BillyBillyBilly

Now, we weren't silly enough just to go to London and not do any shopping! So, on the saturday we caught a subway to Camden - literally 5 minutes away by underground, so easy to get to. I knew it was going to be so different to anywhere in London that I'd been before. I can safely say it was crazy, lots of random people trying to get you to buy their stuff.. but I loved it, the main reason.. you can bargain on prices!! You can't be doing that in Topshop and Urban Outfitters!

To be honest I don't take a lot of persuading when it comes to buying things, but I did refuse some things (my will power is growing!). I probably would have gotten more, but we were tired, there was basically a snow storm and so we were SOOOOO cold! But I did manage to get a few items that I'm very pleased with :) 

Everything is from Camden Market:

Starbucks coffee top  £5.50 - I just thought this was so cute, it's super flowy and will be really nice to wear in the summer.

'Boy London' top £5.50 - I bought this at the same place as the starbucks top, and got a deal because I bought two. 

'Boy London' jumper £12 - This apparently was meant to be £25, but I lowered the price, I'm sure he would have gone lower if I pushed but I felt bad! At I did want it so I thought 'why not'. It came in a few colours, but I loved the dark green :)

Patterned jumper £20 - As soon as I saw this I just thought it was super cute, I was thinking of giving it to my sister as a present, but soon changed my mind ;)

Gloves £7 - I wasn't planning on buying gloves, but my hands were FREEZING from the snow, and when I saw these, I had to buy them! They are so thick, it's crazy, they are so well made.. they seem much better and more unique than standard shop bought gloves.

Bag £20 - This is an orange/cream satchel bag, I just fell in love with it (I really have been loving orange lately) there was also a really cute one in mint, but I decided I couldn't get both! I bought this at the same place as the patterned jumper, and as I was the lady's first customer in the bad weather I got them each for £20 instead of £25, and she gave me a choice of any of the necklaces for free!!

Globe necklace FREE - I quickly chose a necklace as I didn't want her to change her mind ;) and the globe was so sweet, and it actually spins - LOVE IT.

Spiked necklace £8 - I've really been loving my spikey statement necklaces lately, so I knew I wanted it when I saw it, I knocked a couple of pounds off which I thought wasn't too bad.

Considering we only spent a couple of hours there, don't think I did too badly. There was a whole food section that we walked past, it all looked amazing - but it was too horrible to sit outside and eat so we didn't get to try any of it :( I would love to go again in the summer (or whenever it's nice weather) to have a proper look round everywhere as we were just too cold. I'd definitely advise you to visit Camden Market if you're in London though :)

Then we went back to the hotel, picked up our bags and went back to Waterloo. Just to add a bonus we then met Dr. Christian from 'embarrassing bodies' random. But I mean, I had to have a picture, just because.

The trip was SO fun, definitely could have spent longer in London. Although it doesn't seem like we did loads, we were super tired on the train home.. but I did have an amazing chicken katsu curry from 'wasabi' and my first ever 'Krispy Kreme' - they were both so good!

My friend vlogged our trip, and she should be uploading it tomorrow.. so go check it out. Her youtube channel is

So, that's it from me.. I'm sure my next post will be a beauty product review, or maybe a fashion haul - I'm undecided at the moment, so you'll have to wait and see :) Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Commenting and following on Google friend connect/bloglovin is much appreciated  :)



  1. OMG I'm so jealous!! looks like you had a great time :)

    1. It was sooo fun, wish I could have spent longer there!

  2. Wow, what a great haul! Love the looks of that bag and the globe necklace is incredible! xo


    1. Thank yooou :) I can't wait to wear them! Just looked at your blog.. love it! Followed on GFC and bloglovin :D

  3. Glad you enjoyed London it's a great city, I'm so lucky I live so close to it.


    1. Very jealous.. wish I could go there more often!